Child’s Play 1988/2011



My grandfather went by “Charles”, my father goes by “Charlie”, so when I was born and my parents gave me the same first name as them, they decided to call me “Chuckie”. As a child of the 1980’s I was there for some of the best horror movies ever made – A Nightmare on Elm StreetFriday the 13thSleepaway Camp, and of course, Child’s Play.

The doll/killer in Child’s Play was a “My Buddy” (rumors are it was a “That Kid” doll, whatever that was) doll named… Chucky. Of course I had one of those dolls when it came out in 1985. I was a fan of horror movies as a child (I still am), so I was excited about Child’s Play. I won’t go on about the movie, I assume most people have seen it and it’s greatness.

Sequels have followed – Child’s Play 2Child’s Play 3Bride of ChuckySeed of Chucky – and now the writer/director of the series has decided to, instead of doing yet another sequel, reboot the series. Great idea, or a complete disaster? Most will agree that the modern reboots of 80’s horror movies that have come out lately have been disasters, but if you have the same writer/director, maybe it’ll work out? I guess nothing can be worse then Seed of Chucky…