Tech Predictions for 2018


Google will buy Fitbit. I had this for 2017, and it didn’t happen, but maybe 2018 will be the year. Google’s Android Wear is doing fine with fashion brands, but Apple and Fitbit have the average consumer market. By buying Fitbit, Google can reach a much larger market, pull in some if the features that people love about Fitbit, and compete with Apple.

Apple will buy Magic Leap. For the first time in a decade, Apple feels behind on pretty much everything. Jumping forward with the most promising VR platform will help reinvigorate the company.

Apple will buy Snap. It should have happened in 2017, but Snap still believes that they can make it alone. In 2018 Snap will still not be able to bring in a profit, and their only real option will be to sell. Apple would love to have the younger users thinking of them as a hip, premier brand again, and Snap would help with this.

Twitter will either:

    • join Wikipedia in the non-profit space, and Google, Apple, Microsoft, and maybe Facebook will start a foundation to provide support. Twitter has proven it’s importance in the world with breaking news, on the ground reporting, and giving people a voice, and these companies will feel like it is essential for a progressive world.
    • be purchased by Amazon. Amazon is in everything, but still doesn’t have a social platform. They’d bring in a new sort of tag that would directly link to items on Amazon to purchase.

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