5 Things from Seattle, Washington. August 2011.


While in WA for Twin Peaks Fest 2011 we stayed in Seattle for a couple of nights, and spent a day checking out the city.

  • Grunge is not dead.
  • Seattle (and Washington in general) is beautiful. Lots of trees, mountains, ocean…
  • The weather was awesome. We left the 95 degree Louisville for 75 degree Washington. It barely rained, and was never too hot.
  • There were a lot of vegan restaurants, that were all really great. Special mention goes to Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe – luckily this is not in Louisville, because I’d be totally broke.
  • Parks – it felt like there were just as many parks as Louisville has, and they ones we visited were all actively used. With their weather, I’d bet that people are enjoying the parks daily.

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