Pitchfork Fest 2010: Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down



Thumbs Up:

  • Pavement! I never thought that I’d be seeing them live.
  • Big Boi – probably the most entertaining of the fest.
  • Comedy Stage on Friday – seeing comics perform at a music festival was great.
  • Cheap water, vegan corn dogs, Arnold Palmers.
  • Real Estate, Best Coast, Sleigh Bells, St. Vincent, Liars, Lightening Bolt, etc.
  • Recycling bins right by every single trash can

Thumbs Down:

  • Small park, lots of people.
  • Knowing several people that were going, but not seeing any of them
  • Heinekin beng the only beer available. How about some local brewers?
  • No coffee vendor – I could have used iced coffee after being there all day

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